Term & Conditions


SELLER – Guarantees the this dog is healthy and has had all the necessary inoculations for its age at time of sale.

OWNER Agrees to house, maintain and care for this dog in such a manner that is healthy for such an animal.

OWNER – Agrees to carry on the inoculation program according to the advice of their veterinarian.

OWNER – Agrees to have the dog examined by a licensed veterinarian within 5 working days of receipt of dog. Or this guarantee is VOID. If at that time any genetic problems or undetected diseases are found. Owner may return the puppy for a full refund or another puppy, as per availability.

OWNER – Agrees to register the dog with the AKC within the first 30 days of receipt of application.

SELLER – Will not be responsible for any reactions that a dog may have to inoculations. Neither can we guarantee regarding loss of the dog due to accidental death, theft, sickness of any other loss beyond sellers control.

OWNER – Understands that all known precautions are taken by SELLER to avoid the occurrence of any health problems. We do NOT guarantee against any SKIN or EYE problems.

This guarantee is VOID if any change of ownership of dog has changed.

OWNER – Understands that the protection of this dog, in general, is the utmost importance to the SELLER

Payment IN FULL is due at time of sale of puppy, or if being shipped prior to shipping date.

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